Why Set-up the group?

There are many reasons for setting up the group but there are two primary goals:

1. To encourage more adults outdoors and running.
2. To encourage youngsters to see sports & exercise as something not limited to the school playing fields through parents leading by example.

1. Encourage more adults to run.

The intention of the group is to encourage everyone to get involved no matter whatever your fitness level. -You may not have been for a run since leaving school, you may have only ever run for the bus – we still want to see you. It doesn’t matter what your base level of fitness is, the group is inclusive meaning that if you want to be involved we want you to be involved.

2. Encourage youngsters to run through leading by example.

Being a father of three young children I have been amazed and continue to be so by the influence that my actions have over my children. Children inherently look for role models; people to lookup to, aspire to. By getting out and running you are being a role model in showing that exercise is a normal positive thing to do not just a Lesson in the school hall or something to watch others do on the TV.

Setting up, organising, and running the group takes up quite a bit of time, time that I am happy to give freely in order to get people out running. We are not a club so we will not be asking for any type of membership fee and you are not committed to attend every session (although I hope you will).